December 9, 2018

"There's an omen, can you hear it play?

There's a woman setting fire ablaze

Brazen fire, broken wood

Smoking black and fertile ground

There's a call to surrender her plea to survive

She's burning fire "

- Ädiana Ross (Lazarus)

Mother nature has called me to the edge of the A...

September 25, 2018

The sun is slowly pulling away and the air is crisp. September brings us the Harvest Moon; the first lunar event of the fall season. It’s a significant occurrence nearest to the Autumnal equinox (the first day of fall). And it’s the time of year where final crops of th...

August 25, 2018

[Verse 1]

"Gave up the war to see
Could it be you and me?
'stead of together, stormy weather
Where's the love?
Rest in peace
Is it the way you need your lovin' but couldn't afford it
Baby if it's this way, you know you gotta be on it
I've been waiting to fill your cup

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©2018  Ädiana Ross.