Ädiana Ross x Shamanism

Recently, I took a trip to the "Big Island". And after landing in Hawaii, I felt the breeze calling to me. And I felt that on the surface of my skin it was whispering my name with intentions of pollinating my experience with golden specks of wisdom. The purpose of my this trip was to experience the earth's energy in a new way and allow its inspiration to serve as a catalyst in my transformation.

Oh, forgive me for getting ahead of myself - have we met?

I am Ädiana Ross.

I am an artist, writer, songstress and visionary. I am also an avid yogi, Reiki master and teacher, life and lifestyle coach and wellness studio owner.

I am bold. I am open. And I am full.

And with that, I have a deep desire to meet with my highest self in all that I do. And I know that with the more space I allow myself to expand, the more space I will have to interpret, create and express from.

The journey thus far is present in my work and my expanded trajectory. It's in the way I move and the way I stroke my paint brush. It's in the tone of my voice and my choice of words. It's passionate and fearless. It's filled with wonder and majesty.

Welcome. And I invite you to join me for the ride.


July, 2017 - I found myself in the Central Pacific to engage in the study of shamanic healing.

On this journey, I was in a place where I found myself unlocking an enchanting world that I once believed existed only in figments of my imagination or stories of fantasy. Here in this place, I was grounded in the gift of nature more than I have ever been in my life. And I was more in touch with my internal than I thought was possible.

Then there was the purge. A significant portion of this experience induced a purging process which was a constant undercurrent reminding me of how far I've come in this voyage as well as how far I have yet to go.

I found myself releasing remnants of myself that were stifling my progression in all of my outlets.

11:30pm - Night one

The first night in Hawaii altered my expectations and highlighted the misstep of having them in the first place.

As I lay, comfortable in my bed, taking in the beautiful sounds of the tropical birds and their midnight song, a native man came to me in a dream-like state, speaking to me in the dark of the night. He paced himself, coming to me in a state where I could receive his words void of disturbance.

As I was drifting into this quiet and peaceful place, he gently says to me: "...death is the romance of change...let go."

I dozed off allowing his wisdom to translate into my system and download what I needed for further guidance, filling me with its impactful placement.

"...death is the romance of change..."

I was attuned to this truth from that night on. It was clear. I was there to let my old parts die so that I could walk with new feet, smell, hear and taste with new sensory abilities and see with new eyes. and I was prepared to do just that.

Meeting with spirituality in such an intense way has renewed the core of my existence. My music, writing and work in the pursuit of wholeness have been enhanced tremendously.

As you know, this is only the beginning. and it will always be "the beginning" as we embrace the necessary and inevitable cycle of death and rebirth. And there is so much more to absorb and explore in this.

Stay with me to experience magic through the eyes of a hungry and generous soul. i have so much I want to share with you.

Until next time,

Adiana Ross