My Writers of Song

The lyrics. The hook. The catch.

Songwriting is a pertinent layer to the world artists create with their music. it speaks as it dances with the life of the melody's purpose.

What is it you think of when you first begin to write your expressive pieces? What is it an artist thinks of before they initiate the first stroke of their paintbrush? What is it we think of before we enter a space of free form?


For me it's nothing.

I find myself as a blank slate; and here, I often find the most bedazzling and mesmerizing gems hidden from the sight of my ego.


The words that comprise my pieces find me when I become a channel or an open vessel. And to do this, I simply and uninhibitedly funnel all that comes through. I feel. And I let whatever knocks, enter and make their presence known, undisturbed.

My writers of song come from the other worlds within me. They not only bring parts of my vast existence to a page, they stretch the bounds of my awareness, opening me up to heights that only they can take me.

My writers of song often come in inter-dimensional forms and visions. Sometimes through a message from a messenger or an honest depiction that profoundly gives art a new reason. I often wake from traveling in my dreams to words being uttered from my mouth urging me to lay them on a page. These are my songs and how they find me.

Melodies and lyrics.

They find me in a quiet space and whisper their life into my subconscious merely flirting with my waking consciousness only to later rear themselves in moments of artistic truth and necessity.

And my earth stones and crystals hold onto information from the insides of these worlds. They hold me and later share with me the contents of their mysteries and echo through the plate of my breasts and merge with the contents of my heart.

My writers of song are within me. They're infinite and they find me when I let go. They find me in the space of my soul that speak for the parts long withheld. So I surrender the them and all of their majesty. And free myself to all of the magic within me.

To my writers of song,

I thank you for living to tell the stories of these worlds that've aided my healing. You give my work infinite meanings.

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