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Phases x Heart Breaks

Matters of the soul tend to twist and churn the heart’s flesh, adding untouched range to its form.

H o w, you ask ? [a poetic journal entry ]

Through the pain that reaches incredible depths, swimming in the abyss of salty tears; and drowning in perceived hopelessness and the heaviness that mounts itself with no give. And in the light and rays of joy’s caress, holding and embracing with unending grace; where soft kisses and fingers interlocking find unconditioned love and its ongoing place. It’s obvious that one who consciously navigates the disorder of life, is certain to have visits from triumph and strife; while vacationing with dual entities possessing potent purposes and opposing impacts, leave us to our passions, as we move and fumble, from act to act. Emotions fuck us up and stretch us before breaking us, committing our hearts to sight we cannot see; opening us to thoughts, that at once, we did not have and could not feel. Shattering us into tiny, little pieces. b r o k e n Renewing our make ups; and surrendering to parts previously forsaken. Dismantled; where we are forced to honestly put the fragments back together again. But much value is given to these places we find ourselves in; so get up and claim it and put yourself back together again. — An excerpt from: Her Soul Garden where the sunlight speaks by ädiana ross (to be released 2019 🖤) — I wrote this to the pulsating beat in my chest that’s led to warm tears and their streaming down the sides of my cheek. I am in my fullness; fully bodied in a spectrum of emotions, all while absorbing a powerful and loving undercurrent whispering its comfort and reassurance. And there’s an undeniable energy in the air and it’s been surfacing for a while now. One that calls for the cutting of bullshit and parading of facades. It’s a time of reckoning; a time to come clean and clear the spaces we hold with fresh starts and renewed hearts. Can you feel it beloveds? c o m e.