Food as Art | Plant-based entry

Food as art.

And art is food.


The conception of food is one with an incredibly vast spectrum. Food is subjective and takes on a different tone with every idea it graces. But the intention that most share when eating is to provide the body & mind sustenance and nutrition, and to satisfy & inspire healthy functions in our body and life.

The exploration of food and its affects on our life it has, has always intrigued me.

Dabbling with organic food and creating personal chemistries with mixtures and different fusions led me into a deeper appreciation for food. And in realizing the impact food had on my functioning as a creative being, I noticed in my personal exploration of food, and I formed a relationship with the



and texture of food.

...and observed how those things influenced my palette and the way I felt.

I formed an intimate relationship with food; and it's one that goes beyond consumption.

It's one that is mindful and appreciative... that, for me, elicits gratitude without having to consciously volunteer it.

I've noticed how fresh and organic plant food sing with their scented vitality and colorful vibrance. And how they lend us a view into concentrated honesty and give us more to realize. And each time I partake, there's a different story being told and a new truth to hold.

I've observed how native food grounds me; bringing me back to a rooted version of my self in my awareness. one that is grounded in earth's unmistakeable presence.

I also take into account how the way food makes us feel is subject to our internal compositions which differ tremendously from person to person. Non plant based foods can be seen in their own creative veins depending on the message expressions and information they leave with the person that works with them. And my trek from living on a non plant based diet for many years to now living a completely plant based lifestyle has allotted me a greater personal awareness of food and its complexities in large part.

And now, I feel my current journey with plant based food has brought me to a safe space.

And my body and mind feel the love I have for them through artful experiences i choose to have with the food I eat.

Food as an art not only has given me more to speak through - it has lended some of the most honest and palpable expressions from the highest sources.

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