And the Red Wine Pours...

[Verse 1]

"Gave up the war to see Could it be you and me? 'stead of together, stormy weather Where's the love? Rest in peace Is it the way you need your lovin' but couldn't afford it Baby if it's this way, you know you gotta be on it I've been waiting to fill your cup Bill's heavy baby, only gonna go up"

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" One night I penned a letter to someone I once loved; and I poured from myself in a single midnight hour.

Barren with straight lines, this was the room. It's full with more than meets the eye. It's the room where, that night, I poured from myself as red wine. " - ÄR


My past reflects a story that I've transmuted into my own power. And it seeps into the pores of my feminine constitution eliciting fearlessness and seductive regality. I made the choice to see myself as the alchemist I am instead of a victim. And to be completely real, my innate propensities wouldn't allow me to visualize myself any different. I knew deep down that placing lesser significance on who I was in this relationship I was in wasn't honest or truthful.

When one of my past loves was incapable of seeing my worth and acted in accordance with his own fears; it sparked a profound journey for me. That journey was self-realization and self-love. And to be honest, a journey in learning how to simply

not give a fuck.

I don't say that to harshly disregard the joy and utter fulfillment life can brings to us. This is not what I am saying nor is the intention of that statement. When I say I've learned how to simply not give a fuck, it's done by peering through the veil and taking my power back. I saw through the "bullshit" and developed impenetrable love for myself. And in this, I became resilient and did not take on his insecurities as my own. I began to understand that his actions and projections toward me had absolutely nothing to do with me.

And although we went back and forth and up and down; one night I woke up from the "desire to be loved" slumber. I realized I was wanting things from my partner, at the time, that he didn't have to give to himself.

And then there's the complexities we navigate when we care for someone; and when we truly love them. I found myself emotionally pinned against a wall time and time again. It was a beautiful unfolding to endure the challenge in traversing our break up's aftermath. And for me, it was absolutely necessary.

So I turned our ending into universal composition. I wanted my story's song to ripple out into the universe and touch the hearts that needed its caress.

My vast waters in this inspired the desire to share it with the world. And I can say in all truthfulness, my honesty and vulnerability in it all has done so much for me. I no longer run away from it. I immerse myself within it and allow my gifts to prosper from its fruit.

And I waiting and I let it ferment for a while... and it became rich with time.

I allowed it to be what it needed to be... and it became Red Wine.

And the impressions it leaves are transcendent and stirring. Now sit back, and let Red Wine take you on a majestic high with its effortless command of raw sound.


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