Harvest Moon & The Real You

The sun is slowly pulling away and the air is crisp. September brings us the Harvest Moon; the first lunar event of the fall season. It’s a significant occurrence nearest to the Autumnal equinox (the first day of fall). And it’s the time of year where final crops of the season are gathered from the fields and stored for the Winter.

This is a new beginning, beloveds.

It is time to harvest your crops. But first, have you taken the time to reflect on the seeds you’ve sown over the last 6-8 months? Have you taken time to clear and actively work through any roadblocks in your way?

It’s reaping time.

And we’re being called to unpack some heavy baggage as this new season won’t hold space for anything other than your lightest and freshest form. I know this can sound intimidating as hell to some, but it shouldn't be. It’s inevitable. And the more you reveal to the light, the less you’ll have to fear.

The harvest moon encourages us to show appreciation for our bountiful harvest. In this, we honor what we already have and work with energies present to manifest renewal for the season to come.

In balance of this, we can then call our cups to be fruitfully filled.


This eve, I consecrated my offering with seeds and their buds to acknowledge the journey and forward gratitude to the process that gave the seedlings their bloom.


Release + Reset

This season supports our increase and illumination. It also represents self-acceptance. There's an influence to step into yourself wholly and fully and I invite you to stay with this shift as we come up on the new year. Understand that the process may bring light to your flaws and I implore you to take them head on. It's time to be who you truly want to be in the world.

What kind of partner do you want to be? What kind of leader do you want to be? What is it you want to attract into your life?

The best way to show up to all that is to come EXACTLY as you are; as your true self. When I say this, I write with the intention of inspiring you to come into your identity and stand in your power. It's time to boss up!

The layers we explore give this its complexity. But that's the beauty; magic can be intricate.

So, what do you want?

Who does that make you?

Ask yourself and understand you'll be called to be vulnerable and open. Your self now is not who your self was then. Delve into deeper places with your self so you'll be in a position to be a better self and close out the chapters that no longer serve you in the now. It's time to recognize your greater and true identity.


It's a season of sudden realizations.

So, garner your stable intentions and intensify your focus.

Fear not the connections and/or relationships that come to you and shake you at your core.

Instead, ask yourself: How do you love? What is the emotion that you want people to feel after they have an experience and/or encounter with you? Who are you as a lover? How do you show up in "love"?

This full moon will show you so much of what you truly are. It will call you inside of yourself and guide you to go to work. And with that, do not fret when old attachments, habits or people leave your life at this time. And most importantly, do not shy away or hide yourself; do not be passive. Assert yourself; and do it honestly.


Opportunities and new relationships are coming to you and are asking you to engage them as your real, true and raw self. And in this process, you'll attract real, true and raw experiences. And in this beloveds, retain your passionate truth and fearlessly establish yourself in your new space(s).

Be the best you.

Your life is about to change. Own it, beloved.

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Happy Harvest,


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