Creating x Holding Sacred Space in 8 Simple Steps


Where do you go in your mind when journeying for fulfillment?

Where do you settle in your heart after long winded and emotional experiences?

Where do you go in your body when you need to take time to restore?


Sacred Space

Go inside + get centered

My sacred space is a direct line to my higher self. - ÄR


Having sacred spaces for ourselves can renew our connection with our inner and ascended self and spirit. It can grant access to the higher powers around us and within ourselves. Below are eight ideas to get you started on creating your sacred space or revamping the one you currently have:

1) Locate a vacant room, corner or window in your living area that is clear from obstruction. Clear the space by physically cleansing your home with focus on this area. Use natural cleaning solutions if possible by combining water, essential oils, vinegar or baking soda and keep your home toxin-free while getting the aromatherapy benefits of essential oils.

2) Try to find space that possesses natural light. Lighting is everything and sets the tone for a room. Bright light can awaken the mind. Lower lighting can induce relaxation and can be seductive and calming. Let lighting set the mood you desire for your space.

3) Soften sharp corners and edges. Sharp corners can cause discomfort and negatively impact the flow of chi - so it's important to retain as much delicate warmth, as possible. Add some fabric, pillows and plants to assist the energy flow, color and increased oxygen. Choosing colors with therapeutic value and stimulating purpose can give stronger presence to your space. (Examples given: Lavender and purple symbolize spirituality, pink opens the heart, green brings in nature’s balance and yellow stimulates health.)

4) Begin to adorn the space and emphasize the importance of the environment as a place of solitude dedicated to self-nourishment. For each item or embellishment you give to your sacred space, place it with a strong intention as you fill and dress your sacred area.

5) Along with meditation, mindfulness and other ceremonial rituals, align your space with your passions and interests such as writing, drawing, painting, reading, chanting, playing an instrument and/or listening to music and more. Use sound, scent, and nature to help elevate the energy level. Always include items that bring you peace, happiness and creative inspiration.

6) Set the mood for contemplation, restoration, creative journeying and more. Include natural elements to assist with grounding and empowering your intentions. You can honor fire with candles, air with incense or burning herbs, water with a small fountain or an aromatic diffuser, earth with crystals and gems or certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils.

7) Hang photographs of nature, spiritual guides and teachers, angelic guides and/or mentors to impart feelings of inspiration, peace and harmony. Insightful books, spiritual literature and poetry as well as artwork can create positive currents of motivation and higher perspective.

8) Take a moment of silence alone in your new space and deem it sacred when you, intrinsically, feel it is. And give gratitude to the space itself for holding you.

Sacred space protects you, your highest good and your loved ones from disruptive outside energies. Your special area is a perfect place to seek direct guidance, connect with the divine, practice yoga & yogic deep breathing and to overall create a more positive outcome in your life. As you re-focus and restore your inner aspects, you’ll find yourself clearer and more inspired to honor your heart.


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