Where are your words, ÄR?

Thank you for engaging me.

Thank you for being an active witness to

the things I've shared and said thus far.

It brings me so much to know

that I have an audience benefitting from

the works I publish.

At this time, I am passionately dedicating myself

to a body of work in music

that is asking for my undivided

attention and presence

before its release this year.

I am also on a heavy travel schedule

in support of artful inspiration and to

catalyze enriching opportunities

that'll allow me to bring more to you.


I love sharing with you; and I love riding this wave with you.


With all of that said,

I will not have a blog post

for the month of March or April.

And instead, I am gifting you with a preview

of one of the songs I'll be releasing this month

with some brief chit chat on its contents.



ädiana ross x NOq

"[...into my well; into my well]

Fear of myself, so you're going nowhere

Changes; it all seems

Gave you my heartbeat" -ädiana ross


two sorrys; and both have messages of significance.


So, where are my words, you ask?

They're in my new music to empower

our connection with each other.

It won't be long.

I'm going off to do something very important

and I have you all to come back to first;

for that, I am forever grateful.

Beloveds, you're with me.

Until the next,


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