The Return | I've Missed You

Beloveds, I've missed you.

And we've made it to October. This is always a special time of the year for me and finding time to get back to my conversations with you is set up to make the rest of my year. So, where do we start? So much has happened since my last post. Doors are literally flying open from every direction inviting me into greater spaces and I am bringing you with me.

First, let's take a minute to reflect...

Over the summer, I went on an east coast stint with my band mate, NOq. We spent most of the summer traveling together & independently for inspiration and to make deeper connections to the work. NOq spent some time in his home country Bulgaria and I was busy climbing mountains in California and Colorado. We also attended Coachella this year together (we will go more into this on a seperate post).

ädiana ross + NOq. together muzeĭ.

While apart, NOq would send over a sample of magic he conjured for us to write to and I'd listen in the hills or as the sun rose & set and would let it take me where I needed to go. I spent a lot of time, outside of my 'hot girl summer' moments (lol), focusing on healing and this collaboration played a major role in its journey.

This summer catalyzed a lot of heat for the two of us. So much so that if it were up to me, the entire EP would've been released to you by now (don't tell him I told you this). BUT, I will say, NOq is revealing the importance of taking as much time as necessary with this project and how rushing ain't where it's at. Honestly, as well as we come together creatively, we are so damn different when it comes to time frames but it always works out in the end. (My passions have yet to master a simmer, but I am learning to come down to a gentle boil, ha.)


After scoring a deal with Leesta Vall Sound Recording Studios, we recorded and released an exclusive vinyl EP series. Honestly, I'm still processing how special this project was. We had supporters from all over purchase their vinyl and send in their captures.

The whole process was awakening.

Walking the streets of Brooklyn on the way to Leesta's studio brought so much of what we do new character. I distinctly recall going for my vocal warm up run, early in the morning on the day of our session, just finding myself in awe of how generous life is when keep authenticity in what you do and go after what you truly want in this life.

The trip brought a lot into our dynamic as a duo and as artists. It was an opportunity for each other to simply be... in the world we were creating. We took meditation walks and went on random adventures exploring the city introducing one another to important personal characteristics. We are both quite unique and it tends to be an alluring combo.


Plane hopping and spending time together on the East Coast was nothing short of activated bliss.

And the food. I forget the name of the Indian restaurant we went to in Boston but it is worthy of acknowledgment. If I come across it at a later date - I'll be sure to update this.


We performed our first festival gig at BAMS after recording in Boston. We were invited in from Chicago and met several different local artists and patrons and performed a full half hour set.

We laughed, I cried, we lived.


CREEP MODE: ...and some of my favorite moments were the intimate and quiet ones where I would catch NOq birthing new sounds (don't tell him I posted this, lol). What I realized from spending time together is how the creative process never ends and when you share it with someone who is unending in their passion and authenticity - the connection keeps you present in purpose. (Follow our instagram profile here)



we are working on our digital EP and taking our time to produce our masterpieces. It's the most riveting experience when two people who are constantly transforming and evolving come together to make magic. The shifting tides are captured on the breeze of constant motion so there's never a dull moment.

Miss U

"words you say they don't find me

would you listen for the time being?

what can you show me?

'cus I miss you, I'm floating" - muzeĭ

The night NOq played this track for me - some things starting cracking open inside of me - and some of the cold began to melt. With mixed up emotions from mirrored suppression and not a thing to grip - ‘miss u’... it gives way.

STREAM 'MISS U' (it's available on all platforms)




This year we have several records being released as we work our way into 2020. We are working closely together on the sound, production and writing and we've finally found a home studio / team that we feel is a cohesive match. And we're relieved because this closes out a really long cycle in search for the right match.

Surprise Preview

There are several new opportunities that are not only taking me deeper into music but beyond it as well. I'll tell you more about it in the private letters (emails) so make sure you're subscribed to stay up-to-date.

I am happy to be back. I missed u. - ÄR

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